Serving Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Northwest of England

Trinity ( Widnes) Methodist Church

We pray this morning for the members and friends of Trinity and for their minister Rev Jenny MacGregor. Bless the ministry of this church in its discipleship and outreach, that all those in the community of Trinity Church may encounter the love of God in the witness of the people.  Minister:  Revd Jenny MacGregor  (18th November 2018)

Trinity Methodist Church

Trinity Methodist Church












Address: Trinity Methodist Church, Peelhouse Lane, WIDNES  WA8 6TJ

Minister:  Revd Jenny MacGregor

Sunday at 10.30am – Morning worship
Thursday at 10am – Mid-week Worship
1st Tuesday at 12.30pm at West Bank Community Centre – worship with lunch

Day Care & Luncheon Club
Ladies Fellowship
Parents & Toddler Group
Pilots (for 7 – 13 yrs)
Trinity Kings Cross

Good News Story:  “Trinity Kings Cross”  The Kings Cross Project based at Trinity, unfortunately had to close last year due to a lack of funding. However, we thought this was the loss of such a valuable and essential resource for local families that we set up Trinity Kings Cross. Last Christmas we provided 65 families with hampers of food and presents, ensuring that their Christmas would be a happy one. Our fundraising to provide hampers for families this Christmas, starts in September.