Serving Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Northwest of England

St. Martin’s (Woolston) Methodist Church

We pray for the people of St. Martin’s and all the families who come into the building. We pray that those who come for church activities such as Meeting Point, Tots, Sticky Church, The Sop and the Singing Group that they feel your love through those that engage with them. We pray for those who come to use the room, the Cine Club, Shooting stars and the Martial Arts group that they feel comfortable and cared for. We pray that all we do is in your name.    Minister: Rev Sue Smith  (15th April)

St Martins Methodist Church

St Martins Methodist Church






Address: Gig Lane, Woolston, WARRINGTON,  WA1 4EE

Minister: Rev’d Sue Smith

Services:  Sunday at 10.30am – Morning worship

Church Singing Group
Meeting Point (Cell Group)
TLC (Charity shop)


Good News Story:  “Faithful Giving” – Our members have responded faithfully by digging even deeper into their pockets over the past year. Since our push to increase church giving in the Autumn, collections have increased beyond the target and successfully restored a more balanced financial position, thus averting potential problems for the coming year