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Pebble Power


Having spent some time on the Jurassic Coastline of South East Devon I have seen many people from all over the world looking for flint stones, dinosaur remains and unusual looking pebbles on the beaches.  People all searching for a link to the past which allows the imagination to toss about theories of how different the world was centuries ago.  My birthplace of Budleigh Salterton is steeped in historical findings of years gone by and the Museum offers insights from these times.


The spirit of God created form out of chaos, breathed over the intricate life forms and a world of beauty came forth – seeds of every kind.  The cliffs take a bashing from the elements and so do the rocks and stones and pebbles; whether you are up on the coastal path walking around admiring the views out to sea or the seasonal fruit of the hedgerows; or the birds of the air, pebble-power-image-1or whether you are down below on the beaches, basking in the sunshine, quenching yourselves with the drinks and the clotted cream ice creams or the taste of the local fish and crab sandwiches –  there is always a breath-taking acknowledgement of the power of a Creator and how humble you feel as being one who is alive and enjoying life in all its fullness at that moment in time.



…One generation shall praise your works to another and declare your mighty acts…
Psalm 145:4




Our searches in life find us tossed about like the pebbles, battered by life issues, storms and winds; mixing with others who also have changed appearance and yet still have the power of the holy spirit deep within giving strength and beauty – washed daily as they endure the heat and the cold of the changing elements.

…and all of us with unveiled faces seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror – are being transformed…
2 Cor.3:18

We seek to have fun as we walk through our time – throwing frisbies to one another, sometimes catching and cheering and laughing and sometimes hurting someone else with it or dropping and even losing it!  Because we are part of a team of players in this world there is hopefully someone who can search with you until you find your fresh start again.








…and this is his commandment, that we should believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ and love one another…
1 John 3:23

The Power of the Pebble shows us that smoothing off the rough edges is not a bad thing; it shows us that when we build upon foundations we are to know that some foundations fail but we can always begin again.

…Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due.
When it is in your power to do it…
Proverbs 3:27

God through Jesus showed us how to walk the coastlines; how to battle the elements; how to use the links to the past to challenge and alter our inherited understandings and to look with our own eyes and recognise the handiwork of God empowering and encouraging us to use the power from within to bring a sharing in the freedom of knowing unconditional love – a gift for all people.

This is the kingdom of God here on earth – now and forever.


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