Serving Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Northwest of England

Circuit Service Information

Circuit Farewell Service for Revd Jenny MacGregor

Sunday 12th July at 3pm
Zoom Service
All are welcome
Please contact Deacon Julie Hudson for service access details.

Christ is Alive

Alleluia Artwork

John 20: Early on the 1st day of the week while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed

Believe it – live life knowing it – Share the good news and acknowledge God’s presence working within you.

The written word can only be resurrected through our involvement within a loving relationship with a gracious, merciful God.

Do we live our lives in the hope of bringing about daily resurrections in the lives of others?

Do we believe in giving up wrongful, hurtful power so that others may enjoy knowing a God who is full of compassion, who hears us when we ask to be forgiven, to be set free and liberated from the things that have stopped us from living life in all its fullness?

Stumbling blocks are a given in life. It is how we all deal with them that alters our perception of a loving, caring God.

Life throws at us devastating moments; situations out of our control.

Health deteriorates, burdens become heavier, the world seems to experience disaster after disaster.  I would pray that you can all retreat into a special silent oasis to be alone with God who will hear your pleading, your anger, your frustrations; God will wipe your tears, sit beside you, hold on to you tightly and give you strength to roll away the stumbling block that is stopping the promise of Easter light from showing you the way forward to receive Easter blessings.

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