Serving Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Northwest of England

New Song Network

New Song Network is a developing community based in Warrington committed to exploring and living out the gospel message of Jesus. Our vision statement as a church is ‘Loving God, Loving People, Making followers of Jesus’.

We believe something wonderful is happening within this new community – God is moving, lives are being transformed, people are joining us.  This fills us with a great sense of anticipation and excitement for the future and what God has in store for us. We invite you to come and join us for worship and discover for yourself this excitement.

We are committed to providing a quality worship experience where people can meet with God, learn more about Him, and encounter His love.

How Did This Come About?

In 2009 an idea was born. The idea was to simply meet for worship once a month prior to moving into a local coffee shop where we hoped to establish a new church congregation as part of the ministry of Fresh Expressions of church and reaching our local community with the good news of Jesus. The first session was set to meet in the coffee shop at Bold Street Methodist Mission. The capacity there of 40 would be enough to accommodate the anticipated 20 people expected to attend. However, 65 people turned up, and New Song Café was born. We never transferred into the coffee shop as now, some years on, 100-150 people meet for monthly worship and praise.

This growing sense of community created other activities too. Discipleship evenings started the same year. Meeting once a month on the second Sunday at Latchford Methodist Church to study, worship and pray together. Themes over the past years have covered such subjects as Methodism, Pastoral Care and Change, brokenness, Peter and Jesus, Paul the Apostle, Lent, the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine, remembrance, Questions of Life.

New Song Breakfast started in 2011 meeting at Latchford Methodist Church on the third Sunday of the month where breakfast is served from 9am then we move into worship that meets people where they are in their everyday lives at 9.30am.

We have moved into a local coffee shop though for the monthly Bible study. This takes place on the first Wednesday of the month in Station Coffee at Latchford, where we have Bible study with treats to eat and drink. Advent and Lent studies and home groups have followed.

New Song Breakfast attracts families and our work with children began there. It then developed so that in 2015 we were able to start New Song Kids which meets at Bold Street. Here children from a few months old up to 12 years play games, get very creative, make music and join in with interactive Bible stories. The afternoon finishes with food, usually pizza, popcorn, jelly and ‘squirty’ cream served to all, kids and adults.

A large part of what we are is shown by our work in the community. Teams are formed to clear gardens, do some painting, offer help with other small and sometimes larger jobs. The Hot Drinks Ministry is an amazing experience. We serve free refreshments at Fox Covert cemetery and Walton Lea crematorium, Warrington on Mothering Sunday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Over the years visitors to these places of remembrance have changed from initially looking at us with suspicion and wariness, to now expecting us to be there and some bring biscuits and cakes themselves to add to what we provide. We regularly raise money to ‘twin toilets’ and we have money invested in the Kiva project of microfinancing.

Of course social events have their place too, as we develop the fellowship between those who perhaps attend just one or two of the events that make up the “Network”.

Our organisation revolves around the four areas of the Methodist Our Calling: worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism and all that we do fits into one of these areas, with a co-ordinator liaising with all the elements in that group.

New Song Network Church

As the different areas of New Song developed it was realised that the Network attracted people at different stages of their faith life: some were new to faith, some had left another church, some were returning to church after varying lengths of time away; others still attended another church but came to a New Song event so they could just worship without any additional pressures of the responsibilities that they had at their other church; or some were barely clinging on to their membership of another church and a regular re-invigoration at New Song enabled them to continue at their other place of worship.

Disciplining and nurturing are important aspect of our growth together and after some time we realised that the community had developed the attributes of a church, not however in a traditional format but in a new style fitting with where we believe God is enabling us to work.  A vibrant lay leadership team, missional activities, rites of passage, sacrament, sacrificial giving and a devotion to the aims of New Song and the Methodist Church led us to proposing in February 2014 if New Song Network could be the newest church in Methodism. Agreed at the Circuit Meeting, endorsed by the Liverpool District Synod the church was formally commissioned on 22nd June 2014.

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New Song Network Church

Our Sister Churches

New Song Network uses the premises of two Churches, Bold Street Methodist Mission in Warrington town centre and Latchford Methodist Church. There are agreements in place with each of them and we value the use of the premises. But there is much more beside the use of the premises as the mutual support and assistance we give each other has opened new opportunities for all three churches.

More information can be obtained by from the New Song Network website.

New Song Website