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Circuit Farewell Service for Revd Jenny MacGregor

Sunday 12th July at 3pm
Zoom Service
All are welcome
Please contact Deacon Julie Hudson for service access details.

Circuit Welcome to Linda & Julie

The Circuit formally welcomed the Rev’d Linda Bishop and Deacon Julie Hudson to its ministerial team during a service conducted by the Rev’d David Easton, Circuit Superintendent and the Rev’d Dr Sheryl Anderson, Chair of the Liverpool Methodist District at Farnworth Methodist Church on Sunday 3rd September 2017.  The service was also attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Halton, Councillor Alan Lowe and Councillor Mrs Joan Lowe together with the Mayor and Mayoress of St Helens Councilor Joe Pearson and Mrs Sylvia Pearson.

The Rev’d David Easton Opening the Service



The service was opened and led by the Rev’d David Easton.




The New Song Band Perfomed The Music For The Service




The Music was provided by the New Song Band, which their upbeat style and which brought a modern and joyful atmosphere to the service.



Mrs Kit Heald Delivering the Bible Reading





The Bible reading (Matthew 10 24-42) was read by Mrs Kit Heald.







The Rev’d Dr Sheryl Anderson Commencing Her Sermon



The Rev’d Dr Sheryl Anderson gave an very unusual and extremely humorous sermon using the analogy of the shape of hard boiled eggs.



Rev’d Dr Sheryl Anderson Showing a Cube Shaped Egg




Eggs can be boiled in their natural shape or formed into other shapes, some of which also affect the yolk inside.







The Rev’d Dr Sheryl Anderson Demonstrating That Cubic Eggs Have Cubic Yolks

An egg formed into a cube (sharp corners and edges) has a yolk inside also in the shape of a cube.  The same could be said of a hard edged person, who would be hard  edged inside as well as having  a hard edged exterior persona.  Whereas a natural egg and especially a heart shaped egg, have normal round yolks, which is analogous to a warm loving person who would be warm and loving inside as well as outside.  The love of God shows us all the way to a warm and loving heart.


The Rev’d Dr Sheryl Anderson Formally Welcoming The Rev’d Linda Bishop




The Rev’d Dr Sheryl Anderson then formally welcomed Linda and Julie.

The Rev’d Dr Sheryl Anderson Formally Welcoming Deacon Julie Hudson











The service closed with the Rev’d Linda Bishop and Deacon Julie Hudson delivering individual messages.

Additional photos are available below.  Please click on any icon to display them in large size.

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